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SINE Isochronic Entrainer is a Free and Open Source Brainwave Entrainment application that generates Isochronic tones.
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Windows GNU/Linux Mac OS X BSD Android HTML5
SINE is available on PC (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and BSD), Android Smartphones and Tablets, and even as an HTML5 Web app.
Presets work on all platforms.

Easy to use

PC Player UI The User Interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

Tons of Presets

Preset Sharing Platform on Android Thanks to the Preset sharing platform, you can download, rate and comment other users' Presets, and upload your own.

Built-in editor

Editor The PC version comes with an editor, so you can create your own Presets, complete with manual and video tutorial.

Free Software

Free Software SINE isn't just free: it's Free Software, distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License.
You are legally free to use this software for any purpose, study it, modify it to fit your needs, redistribute it, and even redistribute your modified versions.
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