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I want more information

Here's a list of FAQs

Installing SINE (Windows)

Installing SINE on Windows is very easy: just download the installer, run it and follow the on-screen instructions. Once installed, you can run SINE from the Start menu or from the icons placed on the Desktop.

Installing SINE (Mac OS X)

Open the downloaded .dmg file, and drag the SINE and SINE Editor icons into the Applications drawer. You can install them separately if you want.

Installing SINE (Android)

SINE for Android is available on F-Droid, or as an APK.

Installing SINE (.deb package)

The .deb package is for use with Ubuntu, Debian and similar distros. Do not try to convert it using alien.
To install the package, simply run it and follow the instructions.
If the automatic install doesn't work, you can install it manually: open a terminal, navigate to the downloads directory and run dpkg -i sine.deb

Installing SINE (Multiplatform package)

SINE runs on all platforms supported by Java.
First, download Java (if not already installed), then open the downloaded archive and extract it somewhere, and run SINE.jar or SINE-Editor.jar.
If you can't open the archive, you need an archive manager.

Detailed instructions for installing Java and extracting .7z archives on your specific platform can easily be found online.

Where can I get some Presets?

On this site there's a nice collection of Presets.

What's that static in all those Preset?

Background noise is needed in order for Isochronic tones to work; without noise, your brain adapts to the pulses and you'd stop hearing them after a few minutes.

I want to make a Preset but don't know how to use the editor

The editor comes with a manual and a video tutorial: click on the question mark on the menu bar and follow the instructions.
Don't forget to share your work!.

What license are Presets distributed under?

Unless otherwise specified, Presets are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Someone violated my copyright

Please contact us and provide evidence of the violation, and we'll remove the Preset immediately.

Other questions?

Contact us use one of our social network pages, and we'll reply ASAP.